Sunday, 18 March 2018


I guess there is still things I can put up.
A weird fucking record. No low-end.
Hope this person is okay.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Promises kept

Welcome to the 10th offering of the March games. I'm your host Rich Entango.
So in our last post Robert announced something from 2009 called "Silver Surfer".
And well, it's here now.
Chopped n screwed g-funk. Got a nice sound to it.
Also the earliest thing on here so far.
Well then, have a nice day.
More things to come soon enough.

-Rich Entango

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Old Labels Story

Hello! Another disclosure from Robert Stevens Mango here! Rich told me he thinks it would be a good idea to write a story from our past here on the blogspot, so that's what I'm going to do...

I'm going to tell you about the story that definately turned us on to music in the first place, me and Rich are roommates (and have been since 2007) and back in the day we were in contact with a bootleg guy, he'd sell albums on CDs and whatnot, he carried them all around in a big binder with draft titles all over them, sometimes they weren't the right labels but we always got something interesting to listen to: but one time we bought something from him it was a P!NK album that we had both been wanting to listen to, and this night was special in that we went out together and got drinks (we usually stay inside all day and listen to cds) so we were kind of drunk on this beer called "Venom beer", as we were listening to the first few songs we thought we heard that it sounded totally different and all the drums were replaced with this weird polyryhtmic snare rhythm and we noticed a lot of the instruments now sounded like snakes, and it was like a snake cover version of this P!INK album, and we've always wondered where the hell that bootleg man got the disc from...

This is my artists interpretation of what the CD used to look like, I made this in photoshop, but honestly the memory is very hypnotic and blurry, I always remember a pair of clutching fangs pouring purple poison though...

It was a very funny time for me and Rich, it was :-) We used to sit around the cd player with coors beers and listen to it for fun; any oracle could've told me having a roomate was the truest way to be happy....

Peace, everyone, and they'll be more news from the BBJNRJR crew soon I'm sure: I've been putting the effort in to find some of those old cds! Me and Rich have been talking about releasing osmething we found frmo the old works of (2009) titled 'Silver Surfer'

- Robert Stevens Mango


Welcome to the 8th edition of the March games. A thing happened today.
Specifically, another thing unearthed.
You can have it.
I don't remember what it is or who made it, but yeah.
Artist provided a description:
"Opening up the polycrystal coated gate to reveal a helix of twirling extraterrestrial dust shooting from the pearl beneath her dark gloves"
Well, that sounds like something!
Not much to say about this one. Freaky ambient loops.
Thanks, bye.
- Rich Entango.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Welcome to the 7th edition of the March games. 
I'm your host Rich Entango and well..
Okay, maybe I should drop that.
But yeah. all jokes aside.
Got something truly rare. A CD I gave out with every other 3 purchases.
"Wait, what do you mean got?"
Uh well. It just arrived on my doorstep today. A loyal customer mailed a copy to me and gave me a note with the package:

"Hey Rich. Good luck on your restoration efforts. Have this CD back. You accidentally sent me two but I never talked to you about it. Until now it's just been laying around. Tell Robert I said hi."

All that aside, enjoy. Maybe you'll get a kick out of it.
Oh yeah, one last thing. My own info from the description of the bandcamp upload:
'This arrived at my doorstep. Forgot about this till now. A customer at the time sent it to me. This was a bonus CD I gave out with every 3 purchases. You might get a kick out of it. I don't know what to do with it aside from just share. -Rich Entango"

Alright. Thanks again.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Preview Disk - Hold Tight! (2012)

I was suggested that I should space out the digital drops and possibly have dedicated posts for each release.
Promised this earlier today, so you can have it. 
Let the games continue.

Today I also found a note that was included with the original run.

"Hello! Congratulations. This is a rare copy of the musical ripped contents of the "Hold Tight!" laserdisc, now on CDr."

I was shipped the CDr copy of the demo in a package. The sender listed their email address and I emailed them about it. Said that I liked it. The note came with my own label run, but as for the note that I got with the original package, you can have an excerpt. The rest of the details here are pretty personal things like an email address and a phone number. Sorry for my intensely obtuse explanation.

"Hello! Congratulations. This is a rare copy of the musical ripped contents of the "Hold Tight!" laserdisc, now on CDr. If you at BBJNRJ have any interest, please do put this out, eventually."

Thanks again.
Rich Entango



As you may be aware, my colleague Robert announced a few things. One of them has been inspected and ready for release.

Hold Tight! by Preview Disk (2012)

Very of its own time. A collection of synths, guitars, drum loops put on top of each other in a single 30 min track. Got no info on this one aside from that. Will likely drop it later today.

Thanks again
Rich Entango